Medical Massage Therapist

I bring over 17 years of experience and advanced certification in Neuromuscular, Medical, Sports and Prenatal Massage.

Providing skilled therapeutic bodywork and myofascial release to people seeking chronic or acute pain relief, increased flexibility, relaxation and overall well-being.

Many people fall through the cracks of the tightly scripted recovery plans dictated by insurance companies.  I have found that personalizing the problem and treatment strategy, quieting fears and frustration with education and looking at the body as a whole enhances the healing process.

Treatment Strategy

Step by step personalized treatment and education.

  • Treat the acute problem.
  • Stabilize the condition.
  • Advance the client's physical condition at any age through discussion of complimentary modalities such as home exercises, stretching, Pilates, hot/cold treatments and others.

What keeps me excited about my work is the opportunity to bring new techniques and learning to my clients.  I work with a range of conditions such as:  hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, athletic injuries, birth of a baby, muscular and structural issues that arise from poor alignment and repetitive work place tasks.  I also have a network of other practitioners who can help support the recovery and wellness of my clients.

Over the years, my practice has become a wonderful community - an exceptional group of New Yorkers and beyond who bring the world to my table.  For that I am most grateful.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions you may have.